Why use a sleeping bag?

If you have a little one that is not yet toilet trained any age between 0-3 years there is nothing wrong with using a sleep bag.  They are a great clue to sleep. Whether you are dealing with the humidity in the Northern Territory, a draft in London or the heat in Sydney; there can be a suit/bag to fit any temperature. (Look at tog measure) If you have a newborn not sleeping in the fourth trimester (0-12 weeks) a suit is a great way to gibe them a sense of security and the feeling of a swaddle. If you have a baby struggling to sleep or is just about to go arms out a 50/50 is a great idea to help transition them to arms out.  + if you are have a toddler who is resisting or sleep regressing then one of the best ways to get them back on track, to get back the sleep is to give them a great sleep clue.


Under the age of 12 months a sleep bag is also a safer option then having a sheet, (check the bag is sleep safe this SIDS approved). Soon enough you will find as soon as you zip that suit up bub will clue into the fact that it is time to sleep and self settle!

Need some great sleep bag options?


BONDS -sleep suits

ADEN AND ANIS – sleep bags

ERGO BABY – sleep suits and bags (even come with a temp gauge)