➕R E F L U X ➕ I hope most of you will never have to encounter this little monster that can sometimes come along with parenthood. Unless you have experienced it, you don’t quite know the horror that can come along with it. I feel that parents that experience reflux should have as much support as anyone. However believe it or not a lot of sleep professionals will not work with you if your child has reflux and or it’s not “under control”. Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep is the opposite, we realise that you need more support if anything.

Now let me be clear, Relfux and Colic are not the same thing, Colic refers to the wind your newborn may be dealing with due to an immature digestive system, and also just getting used to being on the “outside”. Reflux is a medical condition that needs to be medically diagnosed and is a ptoblem caused by a muscles not working properly in the digestive tract, and then bub is dealing with acid coming up.
➕ it’s true if the reflux is not under control, sleep can be more elusive but it doesn’t mean that you can’t make positive changes and be given support in your journey to sweeter sleep. If you are dealing with reflux there a few things you can do to help.
➕ Use s sling/ or wrap – these can be an absolute lifesaver, due to the acid dumping and build up in the digestive tract, being horizontal can be a nightmare for a reflux bub, so having them wrapped upright against you is a way to ensure sleep and a calm babe.
➕ Soothe I’m going against the grain here, but use a dummy… when you have a reflux Bub you may notice they are always sucking or gulping, this is them trying to get rid of the extra saliva and acid that comes up in their mouth, a dummy will help soothe and keep the excess down.
➕ Seek the advice of a medical practitioner, reflux needs to be diagnosed by a medical professional and they will be able to help you get things and use intervention if needed.
At the end of the day, what you call us most for is support, every parent is capable and amazing, but sometimes you need to talk things through and get the advice of a professional! #sleep #sleeptips #sleepbetter #refluxbaby #reflux #babysling #babywhisperer #sleepdeprived #sleepconsultant #mumsofinstagram #babiesofinstagram