A Dads Perspective of Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep’s Program


Once again I had that sinking feeling because I had just wasted the last three hours at work because I hadn’t read an email properly. I am neither illiterate nor incompetent… I was just so tired. The kind of tired that I have never felt before. The kind of tired that seeps into your bones. I didn’t know how bad it had become until someone at work commented that I neither laughed nor even smiled anymore unless I was watching a video of my wife or daughter on my phone. That was an extremely confronting moment.

I love my wife and my 11 month old daughter more than life itself, but my daughter waking multiple times every night, and frequently for hours on end, was putting our entire family under immense stress. It all came to a head one Sunday lunch and the whole family was in tears. That night we spoke to Veena.

I was hesitant at first because she had perfect reviews. Seriously, who has perfect reviews but we had to do something about our daughter’s sleep and fast. Veena’s methodical, diligent and thorough approach gave me a lot of confidence that I was witnessing a true professional at work.

By the time we got to implementing the sleep routine we had given Veena so much information that I thought if this doesn’t help our daughter I don’t know if anything will. Veena was absolutely brilliant during the implementation. She made it very clear that we didn’t have to do anything we weren’t comfortable with. She would help us and make recommendations but we were ultimately in control.

Veena’s communication skills were absolutely perfect. She was clear, concise and easy to understand and repeated herself frequently enough that she could get through to two very sleep deprived parents.

We saw nearly immediate results and our daughter was sleeping through from the second night. Thanks to the diligent application of the new sleep routine by my wonderful wife our daughter is making amazing progress. There are still tough nights but they are now the exception rather than the rule.

It is not just our daughters sleep that has changed it is her whole demeanor. She genuinely seems happier. The best result for us is when we are putting on her sleep suit and singing her sleepy song to her she is no longer crying and fighting, she is now smiling. Sleep is now her friend, not an unwelcome guest. Thank you Veena. We appreciate your dedication, compassion and patience!

Written By Benjamin Hickling