Sleep Success Case Study Freya & Alex

These two gorgeous siblings come from all the way in QLD …

They were having a lot of trouble with transition to bed time and it was taking mum and dad several hrs (on a good night) to get them to sleep. Leaving no time for anything else. This had mum and dad pretty exhausted and not to mention the little ones too! They were both missing out on hrs of restful regenerative deep sleep.
But with the help of our personalised initiatives, some authentic advice for each of the siblings, ➕ just like that sweet sleep comes… first Freya, then Alex have both been getting the 12-14hrs in a 24hr day, sleep that they need!!! Mum and Dad couldn’t be happier, as it also means that they can all travel together and have their great new sleep habits follow them wherever they go!
“We are feeling so great, I wish I had done this so much sooner! I just thought sleep skills meant CIO and it doesn’t! I don’t know how we ever went without so much sleep before, I am so glad you to have met you” Jess

At the end of the day, even two children in the same family can have sleep issues so the main thing is that we look at the individual needs, address them and find a solution that fits your little ones and your family!