Sleep Success Case Study ~ SHAYLA 12w

This gorgeous little possum is sleepless all the way over in London.
She was partying all day and night and mum and dad were pretty worried as she is is only just out of 4th trimester but has an adjusted age of 6 weeks.
So sleep was especially needed for little Shayla as she has already had a hard start.

She also had reflux and colic so we wanted to be super sensitive to her needs.

“We are so thankful for your help, Shayla is now sleeping a few hours at a time at night which was not happening before, your tips worked a treat”!

Firstly we do not SELF SLEEP Bubs under 12 weeks. They are still adjusting to the world outside, so for us, we give all the tips and advice needed to make sure you are maxamising sleep for your little one while all completely being aware of what a Newborn needs and what is realistic in terms of any sleep goals. A baby under 6 months will very rarely know how to consolidate their sleep cycles for naps, however, their sarcadian rhythms are forming so it isn’t completely out of the realms of possibility!

Remember it’s all about keeping them secure and safe and satisfied.

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