Sleep Success Case Study Mack (7 months)


Mack Attack! 

We met this gorgeous little guy  in the Sutherland Shire Sydney! 

His Mumma Meghan was so tired and had two other little people to run after as well, so to say she was exhausted was an understatement. She told our sleep expert Veena that she would’ve  traded just about anything to have a full night’s sleep!

Mack was screaming the house awake 10 times or more every night and mum and dad needed a sleep solution to get their baby back to sleep. Their other children were being woken to and the whole family were incredibly sleep deprived. It also became very apparent to our Sleep Expert Veena, that Mack had accrued massive sleep debt as well!

We listened to the families concerns and needs and through our thorough background analysis we created an individualised sleep initiative for their littlest man. 

We used a combination of many gentle techniques to help Mack  to learn to self soot

We are thrilled to report that on Night 1, Mack slept all night long, and weeks on, he continues to sleep through the night! He no longer wakes the whole family 10+ times a night and when he naturally surfaces from sleep cycles he re settles himself straight back to sleep!  The whole family feel re-energised and mum can’t believe what a change it’s made! “Veena is absolutely amazing, she has been helping out our family and she has worked miracles! I now have a baby who sleeps through, he is so rested and happy and I have our happy family back” 

Does this sound familiar? Let us help you and your family sleep sweet and deep ???